Saturday, February 5, 2011

Anna's 4th birthday

Anna had a wonderful 4th birthday. Jess went all out making it a very special day. She planned (and prepared for a week) a princess party for Anna and her friends. It was not your ordinary, parents sit and gab while the kids run around party. This was a hands-on, game stations, party.

Sign on the front door welcoming the guests
The attendees and their fairy godmother hostess
As a gathering activity, Jess had the girls color their own princess picture/placemat. Once all the girls were all accounted for, she led them through a series of stations (princess themed) and games.

Catch the animals
They were attentive to Jess' storytelling
After the games and stories, the girls were able to decorate their own wands. Jess put the wands together from plain, wooden dowels. They were a big hit.

Decorating with gems and stars
The princesses hard at work
Kennedy's finished wand
Ribbon, beads and flowers
The celebratory dance!
Next up was the opening of the gifts! Anna received wonderful princess presents from her friends! Everyone squealed with delight as the wrapping paper came off.
Princess themed gifts from her friends
While on a natural high from all the fun, it was time to inject some sugar into their little veins. The girls decorated tiara shaped sugar cookies with pink icing and candies.
Spreadin' it thick
Adding the candy toppings
A masterful creation!
 All in all, it was a wonderful day. Saturday evening, Mimi came up and we opened the family gifts. We then sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed Jess' delicious, strawberry, princess cake. She makes the best cakes!

How does she do it?
Happy birthday princess Anna

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Signs of the times..the end is nigh

Forget the unrest in Egypt, the real protests will be in Texas this Sunday. Super Bowl XLV will not have cheerleaders! Neither the Packers nor the Steelers have a cheerleading squad.

This may be the closest we get to seeing some skin come Sunday: